Indoor Location

In our Winter months, September to April, we shoot in the Sports Hall at The Sandon School. This is along Molrums Lane off the Maldon Road from Chelmsford. The Hall is large, can enable 9 bosses to be used and we can comfortably shoot at a distance of 25 yards, although the usual distance for our sessions is 20 yards.


Winter sessions are on Tuesdays and Fridays between 7pm and 9pm Several of our members arrive at 6:45pm to set up the equipment and the last end is usually called around 8:50pm to allow time for putting away. We must vacate the premises shortly after 9pm.

Smoking: There is No Smoking permitted on Sandon School premises. This includes all forms of e-cigarettes.

Parking: Parking spaces are available at the front of the school as you drive in through the gates. Please note that there is no parking allowed on the playground area outside the hall. This area can only be used for parking by a few of our members who require easier access.

Outdoor Location

Our Summer sessions take place from May to August at the Writtle College Sports Ground. This is at the end of Foxburrows Lane which is off Lordship Road opposite the main entrance to the College. We use part of this very large and open sports ground just beyond the pavilion.


Shooting takes place on Wednesdays from 6.00 p.m. until dusk. We end the session while there is still enough daylight to ensure we can find any ‘lost’ arrows on the field. We also shoot on Sunday mornings between 10.00 a.m. and noon.

It is advisable to bring various layers of clothing as well as waterproofs, in case of inclement weather. It can get quite chilly later on in the evenings! Also, we recommend that archers bring sunhats and sun screen for those very hot and sunny days.