Recently GB Archery has introduced a new series of classifications for both Outdoor and Indoor archery. Both Indoor and Outdoor classifications are based around 3 tiers of Classifications, Archer, Bowman and Master Bowman. Within these tiers there are sub-levels illustrated in the table below. The new classifications replaced the old classifications during the 2023 outdoor season for the Outdoor classifications and the 2023/24 indoor season for the Indoor Classifications.

Tier Sub-Level Requirements Notes
Archer Archer 3rd Class
Indoor Archer 3rd Class
12 dozen arrows (Outdoor)
10 dozen arrows (Indoor)
Any event
Administered by Clubs
Archer 2nd Class
Indoor Archer 2nd Class
Archer 1st Class
Indoor Archer 1st Class
Bowman Bowman 3rd Class
Indoor Bowman 3rd Class
18 dozen arrows (Outdoor)
15 dozen arrows (Indoor)
Any competitive event
Administered by Clubs
Bowman 2nd Class
Indoor Bowman 2nd Class
Bowman 1st Class
Indoor Bowman 1st Class
Master Bowman Master Bowman
Indoor Master Bowman
36 dozen arrows (Outdoor)
15 dozen arrows (Indoor)
Any record status event
Outdoor administered by GB Archery
Indoor administered by Clubs
Grand Master Bowman
Indoor Grand Master Bowman
Elite Master Bowman Outdoor only, administered by GB Archery

Whereas the old classifications were based on shooting a certain number of rounds the new system requires a certain number of arrows to be shot to qualify e.g. Indoor Archer level requires 10 dozen arrows. These can be across a number of different rounds as long as the total number of arrows shot across the rounds reaches the number required. As an example, a Portsmouth round and Worcester are both 5 dozen arrows, an archer who has shot one of each will have reached the threshold for the Indoor Archer tier of 10 dozen arrows.

The second requirement is to is to achieve a certain level of scoring within the rounds, these are based on the handicap level assigned to the rounds. The exact handicap score required is the same across different rounds within the classification but varies depending on the archers gender, bowstyle and age. GB Archery have published a number of documents that break this down. Its recommended to have a look at the relevant page for your category and style which will list the scores/handicaps required for different rounds for the different classifications.

The third requirement is the level of event that the scores are achieved at, Archer level is any event, Bowman has to be a competitive event and Master Bowman requires the rounds to be shot at an official Record Status event.

The fourth requirement only applies to the Outdoor classifications, and is that the rounds shot must be at longer distances or prestige rounds to achieve the higher tiers. For example, for men (non-senior or junior) who are shooting a Windsor round the highest classification that can be achieved is a Bowmen 3rd Class. The Bowmen 2nd Class would require an 80 yard round and Bowmen 1st Class a 100 yard round.

The prestige rounds part of this requirement applies to the Master Bowmen Tier where rounds from the York/Hereford/Bristol, WA1440 and WA720 families need to be shot.

The old outdoor classification badges

And some of the new ones...