While we should use common sense at all times, members and guests are asked to keep in mind the following reminders of archery safety and etiquette.


Archers are requested to:

  • Assist with setting up the equipment at the start of the session
  • Sign in to a boss before affixing a target face (Indoors)
  • Ask politely to join other archers shooting on a target if you arrive later in a session
  • Do not leave a sole archer on the shooting line
  • Do not leave or join the shooting line if the archer on either side is at full draw
  • Do not talk in a loud voice when other archers are shooting
  • Do not touch another archers equipment without asking permission first
  • Set your mobile phone to silent during the session
  • Remove your target face when you've finished shooting
  • Assist with clearing away equipment at the end of the session
  • Assist with looking for lost arrows
  • Leave the site clean and tidy
  • Strictly 'No Smoking' anywhere on site – these are school premises.


  • Archers may only draw their bow, with or without an arrow, whilst aimed downrange, at the shooting line and when it is safe to shoot
  • Archers must be familiar with the commands used at the range
    • Single Whistle or verbal command 'Safe to shoot' - Archers may begin shooting from the shooting line
    • Double Whistle - Archers may approach shooting line
    • Triple Whistle or verbal command 'Safe to collect' - Archers may approach their targets to score and retrieve their arrows
    • Quadruple Whistle or verbal command 'fast!'- Stop shooting immediately and return any unshot arrows to your quiver
  • Archers must be aware of the boundaries of the range and ensure archery equipment is kept within the range
  • Anyone attending the session (including non-archers) who identifies a possible safety issue is expected to raise the issue and halt shooting immediately if required by calling 'fast'
  • Any arrows that remain lost at the end of a session must be reported