CTRA Writtle Field

CTRA uses an online system called Golden Records to maintain a record of Archers scores and Club Records. If you wish to use this system you will be able to see and track your shooting including:

  • Scores
  • Personal Bests
  • Current and Historic Handicaps
  • Current and Historic Classifications
  • Awards
  • Performance by Distance
  • Club Records

When submitting your scores you will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Date Shot
  • Age Group (Men and Women's age groups from Senior down to U12)
  • Class (Bow style)
  • Round
  • Score Status (Practice, Club Event, Club Competition, Open Competition
  • Score Details (Score, Hits, Golds, Xs)
  • Whether or not it was shot at a Record Status Competition
  • Where it was shot
  • Score notes (optional)

Additionally you can upload a file with your scoresheet (picture or a PDF) and you can opt to keep your scoresheet private if you wish. There is also the option to add more details such as your equipment and scores for different distances (for example to track the different distance scores within an Albion or Windsor Round).

Once submitted your score will need to be approved, it will still be visible in your list of scores but won't count towards handicaps, classifications or club records.