CTRA Writtle Field

The 252 award scheme is open to all club members.

Each round consists of 6 sighters followed by 3 dozen (36) scoring arrows.

The round may be shot alone or as the first 3 dozen of a longer round.

The distances are imperial and 5 zone scoring will be used (9/7/5/3/1.)

Beginner or Novice archers must shoot the distances in order.

Experienced archers may shoot the distances in any order.

You cannot claim an award without shooting the round / distance.

To claim, your score sheet must:-

  • include the date & the distance shot
  • be both verified and countersigned by another archer
  • handed to the club secretary or one of the coaches with this booklet!

Below is a link to a PDF version of our 252 Award Scheme Leaflet.

252 Award Scheme Leaflet