CTRA Writtle Field

On Sunday 16th July 2017 we hosted a World Record Status WA 720 plus Head to Head tournament at our Writtle College shooting ground.

With the valuable help of the field crew, and Mr Clark’s van, setting up the field was completed in good time, albeit a bit delayed as one of our stands was vertically challenged and needed some help.

At assembly the archers were asked if they were happy to shoot the 720 round as a single detail as there was sufficient room on the line for all to shoot at the same time. Silence in the group indicated acceptance and then shortly after practice commenced.

Weather was very mild in the first half of the 720 with little wind and enough cloud cover to give some protection from the sun, although not for long.

The second half was a bit more challenging with increased wind and the climate definitely turning more humid. With no lost arrows or equipment issues the shoot finished before lunchtime and scores were submitted for qualification in the afternoon’s head to head competition.

The head to head competition went very well with some usual suspects receiving trophies and medals. Full results are available via our Tournament Results menu.

Thank you to the judges, the field crew and the CTRA helpers who managed registration, drinks and bacon sandwiches. Thank you again to Perris Archery for sponsoring the event. It was good to see a number of their Perris Archery shirts on the shooting line.  

A very big thank you goes to Martin Skinner who not only managed planning the shoot but was running around all day doing the many jobs that were essential for us to enjoy such a successful day.

In recent years CTRA have attended the Moonlight Shoot, an annual shoot held by Malgrave Archers. This a very enjoyable shoot that takes place in the evening shooting at targets lit by spotlight. This is a good social event attended by archers of all abilities from a number of clubs. The entry form is available using This Link, although we expect CTRA will be sending a group entry. Please check with Chris Jordan.

CTRA at the Moonlight Shoot 2016

On Sunday 16th July 2017 we will be hosting a World Record Status WA 720 plus Head to Head tournament. This will be at our Writtle College shooting ground, Fox Burrows Lane, Writtle, Chelmsford CM1 3SS.

The entry form is available from the Essex County Archery Association (ECAA) website using this link - Entry Form.

Gates open at 8.00am with registration from 8.15 am. Membership cards will be required for registration. Assembly at 9.00am followed by up to 45 minutes of practice. Bow inspection will be carried out prior to the start of practice.

Event Format:

  • WA 70m round for recurve, barebow and longbow; shot on a 122cm full face
  • WA 50m round for all compounds; each archer shooting their own 80cm 6-ring face.
  • Ranking rounds will be shot in double detail with six arrows shot in four minutes.
  • Head-to-Head matches will follow after a short break for lunch.

Barebow and Longbow will be classed as recurve for the H2H. Juniors are welcome and will be eligible for awards, but there will be no separate categories. Parental signature and Date of Birth information is still required.

Special Note:
Please ensure that the organiser is aware of any special requirements. Archers who are unable to get to the target are requested, if possible, to arrange for an assistant to aid in scoring and arrow collection. If this is not possible, please contact the organiser for advice.

Shooting Rules:
The tournament will be shot to World Archery rules in force at the time of the event.

Dress regulations:
Archery GB Rules of Shooting dress regulations (rule 307) will apply.

Drug Testing:
Record status shoots are liable for Drug Testing. Any competitor approached to give samples for testing MUST comply. If they refuse, that refusal will be treated as a positive result. Where an entry form contains one or more junior entries, the parent or legal guardian must countersign the form to signify that they consent to their child being tested if approached. Failure to countersign the form in this way will make the entry unacceptable in respect of that junior unless a parent or LEGAL guardian is attending the shoot.

Lost Arrows:
This is a multi-use sports field and all arrows must be found. Lost arrows must be reported to a judge or member of the field party (please remember to inform them if you later find the arrow). It is the archer’s responsibility to account for all arrows before leaving the field.

In line with Archery GB policy, anyone wishing to take video or photographs during the event must register their details with tournament organiser. If parents/carers have any concerns about their child/young person being photographed or filmed they should notify the organisers.

Trophies and medals will be awarded based on the number of archers competing in each category.

Target Faces sponsored by Perris Archery


Today was our one and only home match of the year.

Again, it was a beautiful day for shooting, no breeze for most of the day and very sunny.

Of all the Albion matches I have shot in, this one seemed to finish very quickly, we were done and being fed by Michelle by 16:30. So a very big thank you to Michelle for providing the catering.

80 yards got started on time at a more reasonable time of 10:30am, I for some reason thought I had lost an arrow in sighters… but later turned out I just couldn’t count properly. Paul Greensted tried giving Chris Higgins another 30 points on 80 yards, which Martin Skinner noted for later discussion.

The first distance finished, we had 20 minutes for lunch and then back to shooting.

60 yards was completed without much incident. Everyone was commenting on the frozen bottle of water I had been drinking throughout the day had started resembling something quite interesting...

Anyway, we break between 60 and 50 yards. And then I decide it’s a good opportunity to look at the Pavilion Room we would be using after the match… and I can’t get in… nightmare. Chris Higgins to the rescue, phones the site manager and they come along about 10 minutes later.

So, the final distance comes and goes again without much incident, Paul Greensted is juggling shooting and organising the catering with Michelle, which no doubt didn’t help his concentration.

Scores on the doors:

Grays – 3684 points
CTRA – 4071 points

Another win for CTRA by an impressive 387 points.

Well done everyone! We now have a 4-week break before our match with Rayleigh on 6 August.

Chris Jordan (Team Captain)

Here is the match report for today's meeting between West Essex 'A' and Chelmsford Tudor Rose Archers (CTRA).

CTRA are now on the brink of winning Division One at the first time of asking as they narrowly beat West Essex 'A' in Aveley.

The weather at the start was sunny, but very soon the grey clouds rolled in and for a while it looked as though the rain would shortly follow, fortunately for the archers it remained dry.

There were some thrilling contests developing on all four targets, most notably between Chris Jordan and Peter Dent who were never more than a few points away from each other over the entire day. In the end though Chris was defeated by just 4 points.

However, the pairing of Chris Higgins and Martin Skinner proved to be too much for their opponents as they comfortably won their target. Close scores on the other two targets meant for a close finish, but Chelmsford's superior gold scoring proved to be key in deciding the contest.

So where does this leave Chelmsford? Victory at home to Rayleigh on the 7th August will guarantee the Division One title, an achievement that will prove just how far the club have come in recent years.

Chris Jordan would again like to thank all the archers for their efforts today. I would also like to thank West Essex for their hospitality and fantastic buffet they put on for everyone. A special mention must also go to Chris Higgins and Paul Greensted who both shot personal bests, well done guys.

(Credits: Michael Jordan)

Chelmsford Tudor Rose Archers (4019) beat West Essex 'A' (3951) by 68 points

Chelmsford Tudor Rose Archers
M Skinner - 864
C Jordan - 856
C Higgins - 832*
P Greensted - 778*
J Auvray - 689

West Essex 'A'
P Dent - 860
A Devlin - 814
G Hill - 772
I Clampin - 759
N McMaster - 746