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This weekend our members will be helping to run the Essex County Archery Association 40th Indoor Championships and 30th Open Meeting being held at our indoor range in Sandon. This will be a British Record Status World Record 18mtr Indoor Round with morning and afternoon sessions on both Saturday 10th March and Sunday 11th March.

We would like to wish all a successful shoot with plenty of new personal best's!

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Sponsored by Perris Archery

Sunday 6 August marked the ‘grudge match’ vs Rayleigh. Last year CTRA narrowly won by only 2 hits (drawing on points). The weather was perfect for archery, a few clouds and light wind. 

Sighters started just after 11am due to an unforeseen delay. 80 yards got underway after one end of sighters, however it appeared that some were still struggling and there were a few arrows off target (some on the target next door) but fortunately no arrows were harmed in the making of this match.

After the targets were moved, lunch was called and came as a welcome relief from the sun. Following the needed pit stop we continued at 60 yards. Everyone seemed to have settled and the scores improved as a result.

After another distance change and a quick breather 50 yards got underway and everything pointed to the match finishing in good time. Although fatigue was starting to take its toll on most, the scores continued to improve.

Once all the equipment was put away it was time to total the scores.

Rayleigh Town AC
A Reeks 901* C Jordan 886*
T Davis 892 M Skinner 838
I Bushell 844 C Higgins 824
D Hill 814* P Greensted 729
S Hussain 790 J Auvray 697
Total 4241 Total 3884

A loss by 357 points for CTRA. Congrats to Rayleigh Town.

The final match will be played on Sunday 10 September. Due to lack of outdoor facilities in September, Rayleigh have kindly agreed to host our final match vs West Essex Bowmen. This has the added spectacle of all four teams in Division 1 shooting at the same time. It will be an amazing experience.

Chris Jordan - Team Captain

Sunday 10 September hailed the end to the 2017 Summer League. Due to CTRA not having access to a shooting field, it was agreed that Rayleigh would host the final matches. It was therefore CTRA vs West Essex A and Rayleigh vs Colchester running under the same shooting signals.

The weather would play a part in the match as it was forecast to rain later in the afternoon.

Shooting commenced just before 11am and 80 yards got underway after one end of sighters. Most seemed comfortable with shooting however some arrows did miss the mark. The rain made an early appearance and the archers from West Essex took shelter in the CTRA tent, having not brought their own and were now claiming ‘squatter’s rights’. Fortunately, the rain passed with little impact on shooting.

After the targets were moved to 60 yards, a brief 30 minute lunch was called. It was at this point that some were regretting their choice in clothing as the ambient temperature dropped noticeably.

After another quick break in shooting, 50 yards got underway. We were also visited by Grays captain Kevin, who was undoubtedly interested in the result of the Rayleigh/Colchester match.

Shooting finished and all equipment away before the rain was due, it was time to total the scores.

West Essex 'A'
C Jordan 889* A Body 878
M Skinner 856 S Powell 874
P Greensted 770 G Hill 822
C Higgins 768 S Fortune 802
R Aslett 625 A Charlemagne 732
Total 3908 Total 4108

A loss by 200 points. Well done to West Essex ‘A’.

As both matches were shot at the same venue, the results of the Rayleigh/Colchester match were also read out. Rayleigh winning by the narrow margin of 11 points.

Congratulations to Rayleigh and commiserations to Colchester who will be leaving Division 1.

Onto the indoor leagues, Bray 1 and Andy Harris. I hope everyone has an enjoyable and successful winter season and I will see most of you on the indoor circuit.

Chris Jordan
CTRA Captain

On Sunday 16th July 2017 we hosted a World Record Status WA 720 plus Head to Head tournament at our Writtle College shooting ground.

With the valuable help of the field crew, and Mr Clark’s van, setting up the field was completed in good time, albeit a bit delayed as one of our stands was vertically challenged and needed some help.

At assembly the archers were asked if they were happy to shoot the 720 round as a single detail as there was sufficient room on the line for all to shoot at the same time. Silence in the group indicated acceptance and then shortly after practice commenced.

Weather was very mild in the first half of the 720 with little wind and enough cloud cover to give some protection from the sun, although not for long.

The second half was a bit more challenging with increased wind and the climate definitely turning more humid. With no lost arrows or equipment issues the shoot finished before lunchtime and scores were submitted for qualification in the afternoon’s head to head competition.

The head to head competition went very well with some usual suspects receiving trophies and medals. Full results are available via our Tournament Results menu.

Thank you to the judges, the field crew and the CTRA helpers who managed registration, drinks and bacon sandwiches. Thank you again to Perris Archery for sponsoring the event. It was good to see a number of their Perris Archery shirts on the shooting line.  

A very big thank you goes to Martin Skinner who not only managed planning the shoot but was running around all day doing the many jobs that were essential for us to enjoy such a successful day.