Grays Archers vs CTRA

Following our first match defeat to West Essex (no match report I’m afraid). Our second match would be at Grays Archers.

Fortunately, the rain forecast in the morning did not show, however the gusting conditions would make for a challenging shoot for most of the day.

Shooting commenced at the agreed time of 11am with one end of sighters at 80 yards. Due to the challenging conditions, some arrows did not find their intended target, and ended up in the grass.

After 30 minutes for lunch and some greatly welcomed almond cake from our hosts, 60 yards commenced. Fortunately, due to the slight improvement in conditions, and the targets being nearer, archers did not suffer so much with stray arrows.

Another short break and the final distance at 50 got underway. At this point, the temperature drop forced some to add an extra layer.

Shooting finished and it was time to refuel and total the scores. 

Grays Archers
M Skinner 842 K Juniper 894*
C Jordan 841 S Fortt 788
C Higgins 780 S Connelly 738
R Jones 770 N Bradd 629
P Greensted 707 R Coughlin 588
Total 3940 Total 3637
J Auvray 668 Y Coughlin 482


* Personal Best

CTRA win by 303 points. Congratulations everyone, the next match will be at home vs Ascham on 1 July.

Chris Jordan
CTRA Captain

E C A A Summer League 2018 - Results of Match No 2 – 17 June 2018

 E C A A Summer League Table - 2018