On the 29th April 2018, CTRA archers visited Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) after being invited to compete in a 'Town vs Gown' friendly match. This was part of their 25th anniversary celebrations and consisted of experienced and novice teams shooting a Portsmouth round.

As you'll see below we did quite well and also achieved a number of personal best scores.

Thanks to Peter Oxford and James Cudmore of ARU for arranging the day (including a very nice lunch), and Mary Watson of Peacock Archery for being our Judge.

CTRA (Experienced)           CTRA (Novice)    
Paul Greensted 557     Paul Bailey 499 PB
Rick Jones 545 PB   Ben Bailey 484 PB
Anna Jones 527     Oliver Jones 199  
Joel Auvray 478     Harry Jones 158 PB
Total 2107     Total 1340  
ARU (Experienced)       ARU (Novice)    
Toby Moss 518     Natasha White 303 PB
Peter Oxford 515     Adam Rodwell 263  
Anas Khayyat 484 PB   Tash-Plongeon 226 PB
Lydia Bowden 430     Joe Richardson DNS  
Total 1947     Total 792