Sunday 10 September hailed the end to the 2017 Summer League. Due to CTRA not having access to a shooting field, it was agreed that Rayleigh would host the final matches. It was therefore CTRA vs West Essex A and Rayleigh vs Colchester running under the same shooting signals.

The weather would play a part in the match as it was forecast to rain later in the afternoon.

Shooting commenced just before 11am and 80 yards got underway after one end of sighters. Most seemed comfortable with shooting however some arrows did miss the mark. The rain made an early appearance and the archers from West Essex took shelter in the CTRA tent, having not brought their own and were now claiming ‘squatter’s rights’. Fortunately, the rain passed with little impact on shooting.

After the targets were moved to 60 yards, a brief 30 minute lunch was called. It was at this point that some were regretting their choice in clothing as the ambient temperature dropped noticeably.

After another quick break in shooting, 50 yards got underway. We were also visited by Grays captain Kevin, who was undoubtedly interested in the result of the Rayleigh/Colchester match.

Shooting finished and all equipment away before the rain was due, it was time to total the scores.

West Essex 'A'
C Jordan 889* A Body 878
M Skinner 856 S Powell 874
P Greensted 770 G Hill 822
C Higgins 768 S Fortune 802
R Aslett 625 A Charlemagne 732
Total 3908 Total 4108

A loss by 200 points. Well done to West Essex ‘A’.

As both matches were shot at the same venue, the results of the Rayleigh/Colchester match were also read out. Rayleigh winning by the narrow margin of 11 points.

Congratulations to Rayleigh and commiserations to Colchester who will be leaving Division 1.

Onto the indoor leagues, Bray 1 and Andy Harris. I hope everyone has an enjoyable and successful winter season and I will see most of you on the indoor circuit.

Chris Jordan
CTRA Captain