Sunday 6 August marked the ‘grudge match’ vs Rayleigh. Last year CTRA narrowly won by only 2 hits (drawing on points). The weather was perfect for archery, a few clouds and light wind. 

Sighters started just after 11am due to an unforeseen delay. 80 yards got underway after one end of sighters, however it appeared that some were still struggling and there were a few arrows off target (some on the target next door) but fortunately no arrows were harmed in the making of this match.

After the targets were moved, lunch was called and came as a welcome relief from the sun. Following the needed pit stop we continued at 60 yards. Everyone seemed to have settled and the scores improved as a result.

After another distance change and a quick breather 50 yards got underway and everything pointed to the match finishing in good time. Although fatigue was starting to take its toll on most, the scores continued to improve.

Once all the equipment was put away it was time to total the scores.

Rayleigh Town AC
A Reeks 901* C Jordan 886*
T Davis 892 M Skinner 838
I Bushell 844 C Higgins 824
D Hill 814* P Greensted 729
S Hussain 790 J Auvray 697
Total 4241 Total 3884

A loss by 357 points for CTRA. Congrats to Rayleigh Town.

The final match will be played on Sunday 10 September. Due to lack of outdoor facilities in September, Rayleigh have kindly agreed to host our final match vs West Essex Bowmen. This has the added spectacle of all four teams in Division 1 shooting at the same time. It will be an amazing experience.

Chris Jordan - Team Captain