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While we should use common sense at all times, members and guests are asked to keep in mind the following reminders of club safety and etiquette.

  • Strictly 'No Smoking' anywhere on site – these are school premises.

  • It is preferable that members arrive before 6:00pm (Writtle), or 7.00pm (Sandon), to assist with setting out the equipment. If that is not possible then it would be considerate if they could help with clearing the equipment away at the end of the session; otherwise it falls to the same few people each time. The Sandon School Hall should be cleared by 9.00pm.

  • Remember to sign in on the membership list and to mark your target preference on the form provided. Depending on the number of people present on the day, there may have to be two or even three details.

  • Do not leave a sole archer on the line.

  • Do not leave or join the line if the archer on either side is at full draw.

  • All members to be aware of the meaning of the command 'FAST' and to not only cease shooting but to remove their arrow from the bow. 'FAST' is called out if there is an issue that requires all archers to cease shooting until instructed to continue.

  • Be aware of the whistles (and verbal) instructions for 'safe to shoot' and 'safe to collect'.

  • Only nock an arrow when standing at the shooting line and to keep the arrow pointing towards the target at all times.


Indoor Location

In our Winter months, September to April, we shoot in the Sports Hall at The Sandon School. This is along Molrums Lane off the Maldon Road from Chelmsford. The Hall is large, can enable 9 bosses to be used and we can comfortably shoot at a distance of 25 yards, although the usual distance for our sessions is 20 yards.


Winter sessions are on Tuesdays and Fridays between 7pm and 9pm Several of our members arrive at 6:45pm to set up the equipment and the last end is usually called around 8:50pm to allow time for putting away. We must vacate the premises shortly after 9pm.

Smoking: There is No Smoking permitted on Sandon School premises. This includes all forms of e-cigarettes.

Parking: Parking spaces are available at the front of the school as you drive in through the gates. Please note that there is no parking allowed on the playground area outside the hall. This area can only be used for parking by a few of our members who require easier access.

Outdoor Location

Our Summer sessions take place from May to August at the Writtle College Sports Ground. This is at the end of Foxburrows Lane which is off Lordship Road opposite the main entrance to the College. We use part of this very large and open sports ground just beyond the pavilion.


Shooting takes place on Wednesdays from 6.00 p.m. until dusk. We end the session while there is still enough daylight to ensure we can find any ‘lost’ arrows on the field. We also shoot on Sunday mornings between 10.00 a.m. and noon.

It is advisable to bring various layers of clothing as well as waterproofs, in case of inclement weather. It can get quite chilly later on in the evenings! Also, we recommend that archers bring sunhats and sun screen for those very hot and sunny days.


Our club Secretary has confirmed the following shooting dates. This page will be updated as and when changes are confirmed.

  • 2018

    • We're currently shooting indoors at Sandon from 7pm to 9pm on Tuesdays and Fridays. We appreciate any help setting up the range before 7pm, so if you can arrive 15 minutes before to help then we can all be ready to start shooting on time.

    • There will be no indoor session on Friday 30th March (Good Friday).

    • Club AGM will be held on the 18th April at Writtle.

    • The last indoor session of the 2017-2018 Winter season will be on Friday 27th April.

    • First outdoor evening session at Writtle will be on Wednesday 2nd May, and Sunday session on the 6th May.
  • Please note:

    • No Smoking on Sandon School premises. This includes all forms of e-cigarettes.

    • Please do not park in the playground area outside the hall. This area can only be used for parking by a few of our members who require easier access.

The 252 award scheme is open to all club members.

Each round consists of 6 sighters followed by 3 dozen (36) scoring arrows.

The round may be shot alone or as the first 3 dozen of a longer round.

The distances are imperial and 5 zone scoring will be used (9/7/5/3/1.)

Beginner or Novice archers must shoot the distances in order.

Experienced archers may shoot the distances in any order.

You cannot claim an award without shooting the round / distance.

To claim, your score sheet must:-

  • include the date & the distance shot
  • be both verified and countersigned by another archer
  • handed to the club secretary or one of the coaches with this booklet!

Below is a link to a PDF version of our 252 Award Scheme Leaflet.

252 Award Scheme Leaflet